Halloween is coming…

Halloween is coming – so lock your doors, keep an adult handy at all times and whatever you do make sure you ward the doors with plenty of sweets.  For some reason the mImageodern ghosts and ghouls are quite easily placated – but should that not work, a party with fairy lights and plenty of even scarier creatures is a sure fire way to keep them at bay.

Teens and older, especially anyone who loves writing or Katherine Mansfield will enjoy this event at Rona Gallery 6.30 Friday 26 Rona Salon Halloween Special.  

And remember kids if you must go trick or treating, treat it as a proper adventure – don’t just go out your door unless you have a good many friendly dwarves (or else where’s the fun?), an elderly witch or wizard to put you on the right path, and a real affinity for “second breakfast”, third pudding and “a little something” because in Wellingtowne you never quite know when a cave troll will appear around the corner…although really heffalumps are far scarier.  so keep a sharp eye out for those as well as well as the odd sweet – which shouldn’t be a problem if you plan the route first. After all doesn’t every adventure need a map?


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