Ike’s been spotted on the red carpet with Bilbo and Gollum

We expect Ike to be back anytime soon – but in the meantime – any photographs of him would be appreciated.  We’re sure he must be hanging around Wellington somewhere?

Apart from the Bilbo and Gollum photos below – it seems four new photos of Ike have surfaced  – and it seems he is particularly interested in illustrators – as he was clearly seen looking out for Alan Lee and John Howe.  I must say that shows excellent taste Ike – such talented and generous people – but I don’t see why you are so interested in Fili / Dean O’Gorman.  So he is Bragi – God of Love? Anyone would think that was an extra special reason to stay the heck away – or maybe he was trying to rescue the young lady from the man’s charms…




Thanks to Ams for these pictures  of Ike and Bilbo (Martin Freeman) and Gollum Andy Serkis) – enjoy – we hope to have more soon 🙂

High Five
oh oh Ike – I think you were spotted!
Ike – I don’t suppose you were the reason so many celebrities ran past so very quickly?

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