So What’s on in Wellington?


Discover Wellington (some ideas below) – then create an artwork, make it magical and enter it into “The Magic of Wellington Art Competition.”

Ike and I are so busy we hardly know where to turn next – but if you’re looking for ideas there’s so much to do and see in Wellington it’s hard to keep up with it all – let alone have the time to blog about it – for a start there are beaches everywhere… except Ike doesn’t much like beaches, he prefers Te Papa (right now they have a games exhibition on – I swear Ike went in and I didn’t see him again for two days) and the Weta Cave (quite small but the displays change around so well worth stopping by and maybe watching the movie about movie making although do watch out Lurtz has been known to stop by along with Gollum and a number of other shady characters) and of course there’s Bookstores – because once you’ve explored a magical Wellington – why not visit other strange and wonderful places from comfort?

Need More ideas


Film Locations:

Wildlife Photographer of the Year out in Pataka

gosh I feel I’m cheating but there are more ideas here –

Of course I’m sure I’ve forgotten more than I’ve mentioned – Ike is saying what about the Cable car and the BIRDMAN Competition here (10am – 5pm 21st of Jan) and the Botanic Gardens  – but whatever you do when you’re exploring Wellington don’t forget to take a picture, draw a picture, paint a picture create a 3D sculpture – make Wellington come to life and then enter your artwork into Rona Gallery’s Art Competition – but watch out you don’t get blown off your broomstick  – you can print out the entry form or pick one up when you drop off your artwork.


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