The Opening

Performer It was the opening night – so of course someone had to lay out the red carpet… 😉

The book was there – Ike made sure of that.  And gosh it looked fine – all hardback – with a map of Wellington on the inside cover.

ike-rescued1.jpgIke was there – in one of his many guises 🙂 just to make sure someone was there to eat all the cupcakes – but then he didn’t even get a single one – so we had to make him up another batch when we all got home.


Lots of artists showed up – they had fantastic paintings showing just how ma526923_10151295651171794_894385670_ngical Wellington is – this Amazing Collage in an old windowframe won – because – and you might not be able to see it in this tiny picture – but it is amazing – and totally filled with iconic Wellington – including a Weta on the hills – now how did that get there I wonder?

IMG_3993   shop-005webThis young lady won $100 for her and $100 dollars for her school – bet she was happy!

People walked off with books, and there were plenty of prizes – most of the pictures are up on the Rona Gallery facebook in the photo album – “art competition”
Below are just some of the pictures – enjoy – it was a awesome evening – and I would to thank everyone who turned up and made it so magical, and to everyone who has sent best wishes from afar – cheers, guys – this is for you 🙂

Clem IMG_4035

Enter here all ye who dare
Enter here all ye who dare

winningunder12 IMG_4000 IMG_4001

IMG_4037  65540_10151295651241794_346550610_nIMG_4040RichardsPrize


cheers everyone,


PS don’t forget – if you haven’t got one already to ask your local bookshop or library for a copy of “Wizard’s Guide” most Wellington bookstores should have it by now,  or you can order it online through Rona Gallery, Unity Books, Children’s Bookstore, Almo’s Books and more…

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