Shortlisted – twice

Extremely excited – Wizard’s Guide to Wellington made it into the “Best Youth Novel” for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards.   The nominations haven’t even hit the SFFANZ website – but they will – and when they do Ike will be checking a couple of times just to make sure he didn’t just dream it.   Ike thinks his is the best story ever, especially as it has two legends from two completely different worlds on the back cover.

Fiona Kidman and Mrs Bee — ok, so Mrs Bee says, “You cannot trust anything this book says, it’s all far too exciting to be true.” But that’s only because she’s doing her job and trying to downplay the truth.  Wellington is magical – and just a little bit dangerous – so watch your step!DSCF0051

Also nominated (but in the short story section) was a short story of mine, Dying for the Record — but Ike doesn’t much care about that.  For someone who is always in hiding, he kind of likes to hog all the attention.



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