Top Secret. Mad science and new book – coming soon…do not read.

cover-L-Twice-Poisoned-webTop Secret! Keep Out.Top Secret

Please be careful, this upcoming book is not for younger readers. Yes, that is right, I have been keeping an eye on what my writer has been up to, and it is very scary. But more on that later. If you have not read Miss Lionheart and the Laboratory of Death – First Bitten you should turn back now. It is far too scary. Stay away from Miss Lionheart’s blog and from all the thugs and minions at the World Wide Web of Evil, lest you regret it. Because Miss Lionheart and the Laboratory of Death: Twice Poisoned is about to be released, and I for one, would not want you to read it!
But the blog is quite fun, my favourite post is “Miss Lionheart and Mad Science” at Spider Photo You might even be able to ask Miss Lionheart a question – I think I am going to ask what this spider of his is, if it is poisonous, and how big it is going to grow. And if Lilly could use it in one of her hybrids…because I do not think I would like that very much at all.


That’s Miss Lionheart and Mad Science at 

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