Rivendel Archway Revival

The Rivendel Archway Revival opening event was a lot of fun, so look out for pictures of the official Rivendel Archway opening in the beautiful Kaitoke Regional Park over the next couple of days. And if you can, why not take a trip to see this wonderful spot and maybe enjoy a picnic by the river?




10am tomorrow (7 March 2015) The Rivendel Archway will be officially opened in Kaitoke Regional Park.  7 March 2015 Why not go and enjoy the fun? Ike says we should all be looking out for elves, dwarves, and maybe even the occasional citizen of Laketown!

If you think that sounds fun here are two links with more details:
The Official Wellington city Council Information is here
Weta Workshop Timeline Photos on Facebook are here

Here’s hoping the weather is as fantastic as we had for the jousting a couple of weeks ago.


(edited after the event)

Rivendell Cake
The city council’s cake, because Elves are known to have sweet teeth. Or is that Pixies?

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