Bret McKenzie’s The Muppet Show – Jim Henson Retrospectacle

Everything was great – everything was grand – a totally amazing experience.

Obviously the following song is from the movie -and not the retrospectacle itself – which was a celebration and nostalgia trip of the Muppets and the values and creativity of Jim Henson and the people that surrounded him.

I’m hoping that the retrospectacle will eventually be transformed into a video. But in case it’s not, why not sing along to Rainbow Connection with Kermit? (Although I prefer the Muppets theme song – it was hard to find a great version of that online.)

And  there’s another video with Kermit and Ernie and Bret talking about Wellington here. They’re great characters, I think my favs are Miss Piggy and Sam the Eagle and, of course, Animal.

Ike, Eli and I thought the show was amazing. We hope the Muppets and their whole cast of Musicians, writers, puppeteers and composers (including however many Conchords are flying about) are having a great time in the most magical capital city  in the world.


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