Hooked on Books – Book Review up for Quest :)

I just had to share this absolutely fantastic review for Quest by Denika Mead, an up and coming young New Zealand writer.

“Ponder’s characters are amazing and unique. Dothie is an evil character with an awesome sense of humor and a pet tuatara named Toots: “Dothie sighed. ‘Look, moron, magic is difficult. It isn’t just; wham, bam, hey presto, big nasty fighter is now a gnat.’”

The main character, Sylvalla, is headstrong, brave, and stubborn. She is an incredible, strong character who doesn’t sit around waiting to be rescued: “I wish to be a hero, and if that means facing my fears and selflessly helping others, then I’ll do it.”

For more check it out on Hooked on Books

If you’re interested in reading Quest – or just want to learn how to write a review, this is a great example of the craft. 🙂


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