The Subversive Act of Writing on The Cosy Dragon

IMG_7444I wanted to share with you a fun guest post I wrote for the Cosy Dragon.

The idea came out of my writing class when a number of students were involved in a heated discussion about various “rules” some of which could best be described as “guidelines.” Nothing should be sacred,  and I think the ideas in this article are a must for young, or new, writers who feel like they want to try something different. And hopefully it will be freeing.

Originally this article was going to include the idea best covered by a quote attributed to Pablo Picasso “Good artists copy; great artists steal.” The subversive act of taking ideas from other sources and making them your own. But great writers are not only thieves, they tend to be rule breakers.

We all know some rules are made to be broken, because they were poorly thought out in the first place, but many great authors have overturned the window of what is acceptable in writing by figuring out when a previously sacred rule should be broken. Now I’m not one of the greats, but I do love breaking rules…

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So that’s all folks, look out for my interview with Sherri Rabinowitz Friday 10am American time.

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