Chatting with Sherri

Probably by the time you read this post – this interview with Sherri will be live. We chatted about this and that, about science and literature and everything in between -greats like Einstein and Feynman to favourite Agatha Christie reads and some great names in fantasy fiction. But we chatted off air almost as much as we chatted on air – so it’s hard to remember what made it onto the show. Certainly, I think I forgot to mention some of my absolute favourite authors and co-collaborators on air.

You can check out my interview here. A.J. Ponder Chatting with Sherri


So here’s a shout out to other authors she’s had on her show.Sherri Rabinowitz & Eileen Mueller talk dragons
Lee Murray
Eileen Mueller
John Goodwin

It was a bit of a geek out, but a lot of fun. Sherri is the type of person you can chat with for hours. She’s absolutely fascinating, one of the all round nicest people, some of the stuff she was talking about off air was amazing, in terms of helping people. What a lovely lady.

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