Armageddon – was definitely not the end of the world, but a brand new beginning.

Hi everyone, I had a lot of fun at Armageddon meeting so many fantastic people. It’s a real buzz meeting so many people who also love science fiction and fantasy.

I was mostly manning the Phantom Feather Press stall with Eileen Mueller, but took a moment to catch up with Wellington paranormal.

And I have to say, Wellington Paranormal that your dragon-quelling policies are certainly not up to date – even if you are tolerant of zombies in the workforce. Health and safety will be onto you if you don’t get a magic sword and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) very soon.

So if you were there, I hope you had fun, if you weren’t here’s a wee taste. Unfortunately I missed snapping Lilly with a dreadbeast on her shoulder – but maybe nest time!

Also Dirk, from Quest, turned up. As a member of the Queen’s Guard he’s had to make himself a little more respectable. And, unfortunately his sword was confiscated and replaced with a prop weapon – for some reason a magical blade that slices through almost anything was considered unsafe by people who believe health and safety is a zero-edged sword! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post, and that I manage to post before the National Science Fiction convention at the end of this month. Article here link to the Geysercon website here. But more on that next time! 🙂

Have fun reading!

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