Dawn of the Zombie Apocalypse by Lee Murray

When you got up this morning, did everyone seem tired? Were they focused on their phones and crashing their cars in the street? If that’s the case, you’d better…

Have you downloaded the zombie apocalypse recently?

Well, why not? There’s no time like the present. and this is a fun story for readers 9-13 – and people like me who never grow up.

The plot: Seb can’t wait to play the game with the hero Bastion Axestone striding through the city streets, fireballs exploding around him and zombies staggering in his wake.

The only problem is that the special effects for this game are somewhat unique, and Zeb finds himself dealing with a zombie apocalypse he didn’t plan for.

I really enjoyed Dawn of the Zombie Apocalypse, a fun new story by Lee Murray, and I can’t wait to see to see what Lee writes next. To find out more about Lee, click on the link below

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