Kittens – The last things we’d planned on…

Yes, kittens. And I know we’re crazy, but this is the story of how we ended up with two kittens, the last thing I’d planned for.

I’ve been keeping it relatively on the down low, but Sheldon our beautiful, beloved, adorable and extremely cuddly cat died very suddenly on the afternoon Sunday 12th of January. He was seen prrrting , (not so unlike the Quetzee of Miss Lionheart fame) that very morning.

This is him, just weeks ago, looking as gorgeous as ever.

We’d taken him to the vet for a tiny injury and over-licking his tummy. So we’d bought a few toys to keep him happy, and were working on giving him all the attention he could ever want.

So, as you can imagine, we were very upset, but he wasn’t our only cat. Simon, his brother, is absolutely gorgeous – but not the nearly as much of an attention hog, disappearing for much of the day. So much so, we only just got him to the vet for a chip, a vaccination and a clean bill of health.

You would think we’d do the sensible thing, and stick out the mourning process. But no, we found the perfect teenage cat, a cat that was known to be social, but also good with shy cats like Simon.

And she was gone.

So kittens…

And no, they were not litter mates, and are total and utter savages. Very cute savages.

And for the first few days we weren’t sure how well they were going to get on. Or survive. But it’s almost been a week and they’re still here. Still, these do look to be the last pictures we’re ever going to get from my old Canon camera.

Now they do seem to be settling down, and we just have to discover what they’re going to get up to next.


P.S. more kittens here 🙂

Janet-Maze Queen of Pandora (Because her original name was Pandora, and she was known to be a bit of a handful) And her adoptive brother Herbert-Hunter Richardsonson.
Janet-Maze Queen of Pandora (Because her original name was Pandora, and she was known to be a bit of a handful)
Herbert-Hunter Richardsonson. 
(Don't ask why, something a D and D character) And yes, his eye is better now.

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