Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Promotions – February 2020

Love science fiction and fantasy? It’s quiet in February but you’re sure to find something exciting, with these fantasy book promotions. There are some fantastic authors out there –and once you’ve found them you’ll have the bragging rights of telling all your friends of what they’ve missed out on, like I’ve had with Naomi Novik and Frances Hardinge.

First up this month, are free short stories from the worlds of SPFBO authors. It’s not a competition for the faint of heart, because it’s known for it’s brutal reviews. But I was really happy with mine: here

So why not taste the worlds of these fearless authors?

SPFBO short story fantasy promotion

Two more amazing fantasy book promotions to check out

Free Fantasy Steals Fantasy Promotion
Fairy Tale Fantasy Promotion

Yes, there’s no money or competitions on offer this month….but keep an eye out, those things are going to be turning up, it all just depends on what’s up on offer, and February’s a quiet time for authors as we get on with the all important task of actually writing our books!

I hope you enjoy these new worlds, while I work hard, and have a lot of fun, creating more. 🙂

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