Our kittens are growing up fast

Our kittens, Eleanor-Mazikeen, Queen of all Pandora, and the far more sensibly named Herbie Hunter, are growing up fast. And, well, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. And then it’s lots of licks of forgiveness.

Anyway, somehow, amongst the excitement, and the thunder of little paws, my eldest found time to create chocolates. Dark chocolaty goodness that made a Valentines post for someone.

gluten free dairy free homemade coffee and chocolate peanut butter chocolates
Life is like a box of chocolates…I always want the expensive rich ones. Also gluten and dairy free is a must!

It was a magical feat, almost as magic as Eleanor pretending her cat toy is a Harry Potter wand.

Eleanor pretending to be Hermione from Harry Potter

Alright, that’s us cutting the shot so that it looks like she’s protecting a wand.

And what you can’t see there, but you can see below, are just how big her paws are. Unlike our sleek little Herbert, tiny Eleanor might end up being quite big. The words “Norwegian Forest Cat” have been thrown around. I guess we might know more later.

Eleanor, our kitten is growing up fast
Eleanor looking wistful

Herbie's sleeping after a particularly tiring writing spree
Sleepy Herbie, after a particularly tiring writing spree
Our kittens are growing up fast

Night, night. Our kittens are growing up fast, and aren’t the only ones that need their beauty sleep. 🙂

Time to read a great book. I have a few on Amazon. (and hopefully a few other places soon) Or you could read my Piano Twins poem from when Sheldon and Simon were little. :,)

And for more about our cats: click here (warning, be prepared for sadness as well as joy)


P.S. more kittens here

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