The Kittens are Terribly Cute

I’ve just finished writing “The Secret Story” so I thought I’d take a moment to show off some kitten photos. I hope you don’t mind. 🙂 Our kittens are terribly cute, at least we think so. Herbie and Maisie are the best of friends and do almost everything together. If they’re ever stuck alone, they call to each other to let us all know where they are – and come on, you have to admit that is terribly cute!

Herbie, the little black-and-white cat has even tried calling and grooming the older cat.

That didn’t end as well as he’d like.

Seriously Herbie, have some respect for your elders!

Being adorable won’t help you. Okay…maybe it will.

Anyway, here are the terrible two, at their favourite game, destroying the playpen. They also enjoy destroying boxes, toys, the couches, the curtains, and the carpet…but generally destroying those things doesn’t bring out the camera!

Maisie (who is officially Eleanor), has learned to play fetch with her pet mouse. Although, to be fair, we’re not entirely sure she’s not just bringing the mouse back to the couch – rather than the person who is playing fetch.

Herbie just believes in taking the mouse and hiding it.

Truth is, we’re not sure which is going to be worse when we let them out of the house! And to up the stakes, Simon the older cat might not want much to do with them, but he’s already bringing rats inside to help them learn how to hunt.

Thanks so much for that, Simon. We don’t need to sleep at all.

And they both enjoy sleeping. Queen Eleanor Mazikeen, Ruler of all Pandora, and kitten of our hearts, sleeps with a blip. And Herbie is being “trained” to sleep in Mikey’s room. Not that it works at all, unless he can see Maisie and she is there too.

Queen Eleanor Mazikeen, Ruler of all Pandora and kitten of our hearts sleeps with a blip

What she really prefers is rolling all over my lap while I’m trying to write, but it’s pretty hard to take a picture of that.

And that’s the kittens so far. It all goes to show that kittens are terribly cute, with an emphasis on “terri”. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed hearing about them 🙂

A.J. Ponder, Author of The Sylvalla Chronicles

P.S. For more kittens see my next post about the kittens when they turn 6 months old.

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