Live Book Reading of Prophecy – check it out

I hope you enjoy this live book reading of Prophecy, my high-fantasy spoof, especially if it’ll take your mind off things. And in that vein, yes I do hope to post some more pictures of our kittens. Soon. Promise. 🙂

Yes, it’s on the dreaded facebook. Terrifying I know if you not a facebook person, and I’m not. That’s why my live book reading is only 7-8 minutes. Technical issues. But it was the perfect length for that extract of Prophecy that I used for my live book reading, and I managed to pass the torch to the next author just in time…so that’s awesome.

If you liked the extract of Prophecy and want to find out more about the book or the fantasy trilogy series follow this link on my website. But there’s no need to wait. You can pick up a copy of Prophecy, or the whole Sylvalla Chronicles series from your favourite ebook provider. Even better: Quest and Prophecy are now available as audio books. Look out for Omens, coming soon!

I believe in these troubled times we all need to band together and do everything we can to help each other. I’m really looking forward to reading more, writing more, and spending time with my family and our wonderful cats. But I’m an introvert. Even so, the fact that I can’t just go out and meet up with friends for coffee or board games is going to be increasingly difficult. If you’re having any trouble reach out, you will not be the only one.

kia kaha


Quest Prophecy and Omens - The Sylvalla Chronicles with live reading of Prophecy.

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