April Promotions – better late than never

Yes, it’s been a trying time and I have to admit I’ve not really been thinking about the April Promotions I’m in, or any promotions. I’m not quite so sure how I got so many, but here we are. So please, excuse the lack of words and scroll through to see if you find any books or opportunities you like.

Even now, especially now, I’m finding it great to escape into a book.

Oh yes, and some of these promotions and giveaways end soon – so don’t waste time before checking them out. Also, please check out the top promotion, as all proceeds go to the autism charity: Puzzle Piece Utd

C.L. Cannon's Magic Lands Reader Giveaway Discover mew YA fnatasy and enter to win everything you see here.
Indie Fantasy Addicts kindle unlimited April promotion
Young Adult Fantasy

And lastly the tastefully named “Survive the Pandemic” but if you love sci fi and fantasy, there are plenty of books here to help provide a little distraction at the great price of absolutely free. 🙂

Group Giveaway Survive the Pandemic with incredible sci-fi and fantasy book giveaway April Promotion

That’s all folks. The end of the April promotions.

I may or may not have some more up next month. But seriously, expect more kittens. We have quite a few photos now!

Expired promotions

Magic and Adventure Free Fantasy ebooks Giveaway Promotion

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