The kittens are over six months old.

Now that the kittens are both over six months old, we’re approaching the stage of teaching them how to use the cat door. But they’re both so…kitteny.

Maisy the kitten climbing the curtains

Of course Herbie is as cute as the dickens, too. Although he’s a little harder to take a photo of.

Herbie, looking more like a kitten in this photo than ever.

For a start, Maisie is still climbing the curtains. Although, clearly she knows she is not supposed to. But if she sees a bird outside, or an insect flying about she’ll shoot right to the top trilling happily.

And while she is looking quite old in this shot, she mostly looks very young. We think that’s because she has some Forest cat, possibly from her father. I many ways she looks a bit like our other cat Simon, who also has Forest cat features and took a bit longer to mature.

Simon looking saintly and being very patient now  the kittens are both over six months old

And of course, he looks like an absolute kitten here. But he’s got a very independent streak.

He’s also trying to strong-arm his way around the house and boss all the other cats around…or cajole them into playing with him. He’s quite the talker.

So it comes to the time in any pet owners life. Or at least the ones that can allow their cats outside. A question we’re apparently allowed to ask once the kittens are over six months old…

When do we teach them how to use the cat door? (Preferably before they do more than dig up the poor venus fly trap!)

Heads up…we did teach them how to use the cat door…and the next morning Herbie had disappeared. But after a terrifying four hours, he knocked at the door covered in cobwebs.

Yes, we hadn’t been able to find him because he’d been underneath the house. Phew.

I did try to take some pictures of him after his brave adventure. But unfortunately, none of them have turned out. So here’s one of both the sweethearts, together.

 the kittens are both over six months old

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this kitten update.

Have fun reading,


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