Free Fantasy Books in June & What’s Up

Everyone is always super keen to see what promotions and other things are going on in the wonderful month of June. (Just looking at books here, if you want other things, please follow me on twitter or An Affliction of Poetry). So here we go. Yes, I have promotions with free fantasy books in June, and free science fiction, as well as some Kindle Unlimited reading, and some news. Okay, it’s not really news, more what’s been happening in my book world.

Books Books Books

The next two promotions are for people who can’t have enough books. There are over 100 stories to choose from, so you’re going to be totally spoiled for choice. Lots of Science Fiction and Fantasy books, and some really awesome authors to choose from. (Update: Be aware some promotions have ended and are now down the bottom)

Free Fantasy and Science Fiction in June 2020


Okay it’s not so much news as a bit of silly fun. But there you go! And heads up – my short story The Secret Story is going to be available soon. So keep an eye out for updates on that, or you could join my newsletter if you want a copy for free.

For those of you who know I’m a mad Frances Hardinge fan this news is for you. (Yes, I am a mad fan. So mad that I not only have a page dedicated to her books, I also have quite a few signed copies despite being on the other side of the world!) Anyway, this is her response to E Knox and myself adding her name to a list of great authors of middle grade books… (Yes, I know. That’s how sad I am. But in my defense, Frances Hardinge is an awesome author. And if you like twitter, she and Elizabeth Knox seem to be quite active on it, so worth a follow. )

I hope you have fun reading! 🙂

Unlimited Science Fiction and Fantasy in June 2020 Free in Kindle Unlimited.

Ended Promotions

Free Fantasy and Science Ficiton Books in June with Furry Sidekicks

Everyone knows I love animals, and so it should be no surprise that I have a story that features a cute animal – and some terrifying ones. But this promotions is more about the cute ones. So, if you love stories featuring cute critters this one is for you – and they’re all absolutely free 🙂

Love magic? Maybe even a little bit of romance? And all for free? Well, Touch of Magic is for you. You’re going to love this collection of fantasy and paranormal books.

Free Fantasy and Science Fiction in June with a touch of magic

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