It’s Time to Discover Who was on the Bow of the Boat…

So, for my Secret Story Pre-Giveaway, I asked who was on the bow of the boat – and then changed it to the boat’s railing – as clearly no one is on the bow of the boat. Thank you to the people who pointed that out in their answers so I could fix it. – as so many people pointed out to poor spatially challenged me. Let’s discover who it was…

The Secret Story Pre Giveaway Challenge was to tell me who was on the back of the boat in the picture. 
Let's discover who

(WARNING: please do not scroll down if you have photosensitive epilepsy)

But first up, let’s have some fun. Here are the most popular ones. Note the Jokes Japes and Puns section right down the bottom-as they’re the lowest form of wit. If the funniest. 🙂

“Captain Jack Sparrow” topped the list – along with a lone “Jack Sparrow”

Mermaids were also popular. “The mermaid?” “there’s no one at the front of the boat! but since it say “was” I guess they dove in to swim with the mermaids” (Yes. Thanks for noticing, my early instructions were as directionally challenged as I am.)

Other pirates and mermaids?

“Captain Morgan” (To be fair the contestant may have been referring to the alcohol & not the pirate – but either way is good.) & “Edward Teach”

There was also a trinity of answers, “Me” “Not Me” and “I am” along with “me, trying to escape 2020” – something none of us have quite managed to achieve yet.

Famous personages, they seem to have a running theme…

“Snuffles the stuffed basset hound.” “Jack Dawson from the Titanic” “Ben Franklin” “Jean-Luc Picard” “Jack and Rose from the Titanic!” “Coleridge’s albatross” “Yankee doodle with his macaroni” “christopher columbus” “Leonardo Dicaprio….. Oh wait that was the Titanic”

The witches…and they were so close….

“It is a witch on her bloated broom. The broom bloated from the seawater!” “Granny Earwax” & “Glenda the good witch.” (Alright, Granny Earwax has to be my favourite here, but that’s because she’s awesome. Still Glenda the good witch is gold star awesome, too)

Witch by Clem Winfield

Jokes, japes and puns

My mother 😁
A forlorn lover BOWing out.
Gif, not sure if it’s pronounced Gif or Jif though
He’s referred to as missing.
no one they are looking backward
I’m knot shore
lol I have no idea, probably the captain though
All I see in the front of the boat is a ghost of a chance.
No, Who’s on first base!
The lady from the park with a big bag of breadcrumbs for the ducks.
the captain’s parrot, who took a header when he went to catch some flying fish for dinner.

And finally! The real person on the boat…Dothie, wizard extraordinaire and all-round bad guy! Straight from the pages of Quest just as he imagines himself.

Discover Who was on the bow of the ship. 
No, very sadly not Doctor Who bu the evil wizard Dothie, up to mischief.
Dothie the Wizard animated by Clem Winfield and turned into a gif by A.J.

I hope you enjoyed, that’s all I have folks. If you haven’t already check out the book Dothie comes from here, or get your own copy now.


PS don’t forget to keep an eye out for the next giveaway. 🙂

PPS I forgot to say who won the $10 Gift Card. It was Amy from Eagan, MN USA! And no, I’m not going to tell you what her answer was. That’s a secret I’m only telling my newsletter followers. 🙂

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