The Secret Story Book Launch Party

Tomorrow is the Secret Story Book Launch Party. Yes, the day has finally almost arrived. Doesn’t time pass quickly when you’re having fun?

It’s a very exciting time, and although quite different to The Sylvalla Chronicles, it’s a great introduction to many of the characters, and real glimpse behind the curtain of a secret world that often remains hidden in epic fantasy, but must nonetheless exist.

The Book Launch Party!

Award winning authors Eileen Mueller and A.J. Ponder are throwing a party. Come and join us for giveaways, dragon games, (very secret witches,) and lots of fun here on Friday 14 August 2pm-9:30pm Eastern Time (Sat 15 August 6am-1:30pm NZ Time & 7pm until the wee hours UK time)

And yes, everyone who knows me will be well aware that I will not be up for the 6 am (NZ time) launch. But I’ll definitely be up by 9 am. So get on your dragon riding gear or grab a broomstick and your favourite spell-casting wand, and meet us there. Or should I say here?

You can also click the picture below to fly all the way to the Secret Story Book Launch Party. Hold onto your hats, it’s going to be a ball!

Secret Story Book Launch Party with giveaways and fun.


To find out more about The Secret Story, discover the very secret, Secret Story page here.

The Secret Story Banner - Cinderella Fairytale

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