Mr Goodfellow’s Vision – Quest Trailer Animation by Clem Winfield

Some time ago, I told a young friend that I’d love a wee trailer for Quest. thinking it would just be a little thing…but no, the Quest trailer animation is an impressive achievement by the animator. I’m really excited to be able to finally show everyone the results. 🙂

At the beginning of Quest the old wizard Mr Goodfellow has a vision. Not of the future, but of the past and two of the key characters in Quest. The evil wizard Dothie and the headstrong Princess Sylvalla long before she escapes to find adventure.

Dothie has his tuatara, Sylvalla has her sword, and somehow they’re mixed up with fire…but is it dragon fire or wizard fire? Who can tell?

Anyway…take a look…and maybe drop by the YouTube page to tell Clem how amazing it is!

I hope you enjoyed the Clem’s Quest Trailer Animation. Clem’s website can also be found here:

And so now, for the book. Yes, it’s magical and fun – but no, it’s not just for children. It’s written for two different levels.

A level where you can be swept away by the adventure. And a level for the serious consumer of fantasy where you can see the humor and the references to popular old-school fantasy.

You can find out more about Quest here, or click on the picture for an Amazon aff link to purchase the book.

Go on, heed Mr Goodfellow’s warning and take yourself on the adventure of a lifetime with monsters, chases, escapes and a complete lack of true love.

The book the

Quest is stand alone. An absolutely self contained story…but the good news is that if you love my satirical fantasy and, especially if you want to read something a little darker, then there’s more…

Prophecy and Omens

And just like Quest, the titles are a big clue as to the content. Now, the stories are no longer the simple Quest type sword and sorcery fantasy that is being satirized, but move to poke a little fun at the tales of creeping evil, and cthulhuesque terror. And they are also self-contained stories, but best read as a duo.

Discover more about Prophecy and Omens, below.

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