Congratulations Code Breakers and Winners

Congratulations to the Code Breakers and Winners of The Magical Mystery Tour…and that would be everyone who entered! Yes, cracking that code wasn’t easy and I managed to make it even more difficult. (It’s a special skill)


Do you think you could have figured out the answer?

What if I added the clues: S=XXX and O=OOO. Yes, it was diabolically tricky, but there were a few more clues along the way. And also another more laid-back competition – The $25 Amazon Giveaway – and even better it’s running until the 30th September 2020!

The Secret Story $25 Giveaway - Epic Fairy Tale and Fantasy

Before I tell you the winners and the answer, here are some of the books that were up for grabs:

The Sylvalla Chronicles- epic fantasy, satire
Sylvalla - warrior princess in three different poses facing dragon, cthulhu type monster and burning city.
Quest epic and sword and sorcery fantasy and satire
Sylvalla warrior princess facing dragon
Sylvalla facing down a magician and a tentacled creature climbing from the pits of hell. Epic and fantasy and satire with horror elements.
Miss Lionheart and the Laboratory of Death. Cover image featuring Quetzee, Lilly Lionheart's favourite genetically engineered animal. A squirrel, snake, rat hybrid who helps her in her adventure-trying to escape Mr Big's underground laboratory.
Attack of the Giant Bugs, cover image:
A giant ant in a museum.
There is also a code in this book for those who choose to solve it.
The Secret Story
Cover image is a starry sky, sword and a fairy tale carriage hidden in the "o" of secret story. 
This is the book with the code the winning code breakers cracked.

And the answer was…Agatha Blossomheart’s Rules

The tricky bit was not only realizing the code was a weird form of Morse Code, but apparently seeing that I’d made a mistake with one of the letters…so that was truly curly…


Catherine R. of Texas who won a paperback copy of The Sylvalla Chronicles and Latham B. who won his choice the paperback: a copy of The Secret Story – with bonus short story: The Secret Child.

And congratulations code breakers and anyone who entered, you’re all winners. If you don’t have your bookplates or ebook yet, they will be winging their way to you soon!

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