February Books and Villainous Prizes

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Well, it’s a new month, and February is pretty fantastic. It’s also very, very short. We’re almost half way through, so just in case you have some March birthdays to prepare for, like I do, you might want to get in early and have some reading sorted. There’s also a chance to win some truly villainous prizes, so hold tight.

There’s nothing like finding a whole treasure trove at your fingertips—and there’s plenty here. Science Fiction, fantasy, fairy tales. Of course, you’re definitely going to get that treasure trove of fairytales when you pick up Enchanted Kingdoms but more about that awesome set and the charity it’s supporting here.

While you’re waiting for your fairytales and Snow and Red in particular (because, let’s face it who doesn’t love a fairytale where women are fierce, fun and basically awesome) it’s time to see if there’s a few more great stories to love and show off to all your friends—because you found the authors first.

February Sci fi and Fantasy

Free February Sci Fi and Fantasy with spaceship and moon like planet.
Bargain Priced Si-fi and fantasy with spaceship over ice.
Clean New Year Book Giveaway with coffee drinking man enjoying searching for new and amazing reads.

Villainous Prizes

Villainous Prize Pack with Villains Monopoly, Disney bad girls and a Wild Disney Collectible,

Fairytales on special and the Enchanted Kingdoms box set sale starts February 15th


Looking for a knight in shining armour? Or just a whole lot of reading fun? Discover new twists on old tales with fairytale and fantasy books all for less than $3

Have fun reading,

And I believe I promised to tell you more about Eileen Mueller and my latest story, Snow and Red…the modern twist on one of my favourite fairytales…and time is running out—so it will be soon. 🙂

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