Countdown to Enchanted Kingdoms

Edit: This collection is no longer available. The book Snow and Red is available here

Wow, the countdown to Enchanted Kingdoms has already begun! And I’m running a bit late —as usual. I meant to post this with seven days to go before its release…


20+ Brand new retellings of your favorite fairytales in one stunning box set, all for just 99c with 100% of the proceeds supporting a children’s autism charity.

A fiery spirit looking forward to the: 
Countdown to Enchanted Kingdoms

So, I have three graphics here. And I was wondering which one you prefer, because I was thinking of reworking it for the final countdown day.

The Blurb:
“Hoping your fairy godmother will grant your wish for some fantastical fantasy reads? Plan your escape to Enchanted Kingdoms, where the fairytales you loved as a child have been twisted into wildly addictive tales that will bewitch you as an adult! Be bewitched by new twists in these 20 fairy tales, revisited and re-imagined. Be enchanted by the princes and princesses you fell in love with, and be prepared to meet them again revisited and re-imagined. For 99c you can give a child the greatest happy every after, as all proceeds from this set are supporting Puzzle Peace United, a charity for children with autism. So what are you waiting for? Preorder today: And then go and get your FREE companion set here:

Looking out over a castle with only 5 days to go. 
Countdown to Enchanted Kingdoms

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