The Final Countdown – only 2 more days!

The final countdown is always something that makes me think of the song.

“We’re leaving together, but still we stand strong…

Wait a minute? You’re telling me those aren’t the words?

Never mind, I always get things wrong. But what I haven’t got wrong is that we’re in the last couple of days before the final countdown ends and this amazing collection of twisted fairy tales is launched. And, as the amazing authors all work their fingers to the bone on promotion, it becomes clear to me that I’ve never actually launched a book in my life. I’ve tried, but this marketing stuff is so above my pay grade…literally! Not to mention my energy level. I’m flattened.

Still, I’m really proud to be a part of this set of 20 fairy tale re-tellings supporting a great charity. PuzzlePiece United funds schools for programs and equipment for children with autism.

But more, I’m telling you now, that while there are only 2 more days, you shouldn’t wait.

With the final countdown of only 2 days to go—a knight in shining armor is using all his strength to crawl toward his goal of gaining a copy of Enchanted Kingdoms before it's too late.
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And why hurry?

Because you don’t want to miss out. This offer is only for a limited time, and the companion set that you get for ordering from Amazon will only be available for a few more days:

So, don’t despair…get your fairy tale happy ever afters. Go on, you know you’ll love them.

To find out more about the set go to: Enchanted Kingdoms 20 Fairytales in one wildly addictive box set
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Have fun reading,
A.J. Ponder

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