Magic May Books

Now it’s May, it’s time for Magic May Books. Whether you’re after fantasy, or science fiction, free or to discover a new series, there’s some great books to discover in the promotions below. There’s even a few things to win including books, vouchers, subscriptions, and even a kindle fire if you didn’t get around to following up on C.L. Cannon’s book fair last month.

Free Books

Love reading fantasy & science fiction? Look no further than the two promotions below for FREE ebooks in fantasy & science fiction!

Fantasy and Science Fiction e-book Giveaway
That's free books
Also ends May 31
There's a spaceman in front of a moon surrounded by clouds on the left, and on the right a witch with green light coming from her hands.

You wanted a little magic? Or just a little fun reading? Well don’t miss the chance to win 50 Amazon Fantasy Bestsellers with this giveaway if you check out . H.C. Southwark’s story Eternity’s Echo with surly teenage grim reapers time traveling to stop the apocalypse!

A princess reading  and the words: 99c and Free Fantasy and Paranormal Book fair.
But watch out this Magic May books promotion ends May 31 (which is actually sensible)

C.L. Cannon’s Fantasy and Sci Fi Book Fair

C.L. Cannon's book Fair
Picture of pretty woman  in ill fitting armour, a fur and a large sword she doesn't appear to know how to use - but more importantly, an owlcrate gift subscription, a kindle fire and a starbucks gift card.

Find Your New Favourite Series – with everything from murder mysteries, historical fiction, fantasy, science fiction and even a little magic this May, with these first books in series.

First Reads.
For some reason there are flowers on a book. But you know, got to have a little sweetness, it is Mother's Day this month. So you'll need all the magic May books you can get your hands on to keep Mum happy.

And of course, if you want a great series, and have yet to read The Sylvalla Chronicles, check out my series, The Sylvalla Chronicles, here. Now, that’s a series that’s truly magic.

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