Blood Moon and the live version of Wellington Paranormal

Have you ever howled at the moon?

Well, living in Wellington the city famous for Wellington Paranormal and What We Do in the Shadows it should have been obvious that we’d have some werewolves in the nearby vicinity. So on the 26 May 2021 at around 11:11 pm it was no surprise when our neighbours outed themselves as werewolves just as the blood moon was reaching it’s peak.

Somehow, we restrained ourselves by channeling Rhys Darby’s, “We’re were-wolves not swear-wolves.” I mean, poor Minogue and O’Leary were probably having a busy enough night already without us going rogue as well.

I mean look at this beautiful moon, who could resist its charms?

So, like half of Wellington on the still cold night we were out taking pictures of it with our cell phones. And okay, there are better shots of the blood moon out there, but I love this shot I took from my backyard—even though it’s only a few tiny pin prick stars and a fuzzy orange moon.

Blood Moon Wellington 26 May 2021

Anyway, I hope you also got to see the celestial event, too. Normally Wellington is wreathed in cloud when something like this happens. So, that’s why we were so excited to be able to see the blood moon so clearly. And when I say we, I mean all the werewolves and paranormals of Wellington.

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