June Books 2021

June is the perfect month for reading. Wherever you are in the world it’s likely going to be heading into winter or summer, and either way, it’s a great time to get a wee lie-down and grab some books that will take you, if not to more temperate climes, at least to somewhere a lot more exciting. You could discover how to win a $30 Amazon book voucher, or just discover a new favourite author, or series.

So, the promotions in order are:

Free books from the lovely folk at “Portal to Fantasy”

Sci Fi and Fantasy Bargains – a real eclectic mix of books

And lastly, Eileen Mueller’s Fantasy Box Set Fest. Go, get immersed in a complete world, and a whole lot of reading.

June Free Fantasy Books
With a picture of a woman draped in fly-away gossamer staring at a castle on a floating island
Sci Fi and Fantasy Bargains
A doll like figure on what might be the bridge of an airship, with a screen featuring a planet that could possibly be earth, but probably isn't.
June Books Fantasy Box Set Fest June Books 2021 - With a picture of a green dragon escaping a castle wreathed with so much cloud and smoke that the only conclusion I can come to is that it's being attacked by a mad scientist about to take over the world.

And that’s it, have fun reading


And if you haven’t already, go and read Quest and rediscover fantasy. You know you want to. So find out all about it here, or buy a copy through Amazon or your favourite paperback store.

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