Walking and Writing – Wright-Murray Residency Post 2

Yes, I’ve been doing lots of walking and writing. In fact walking and writing is a good part of my day during the Wright-Murray Residency. And, if you’ll excuse the pun, it’s mostly been writing, as I’m sure my fans will be happy to know. And even happier the weather cleared a bit to get the shot below. All in all I think I prefer it to the grey-silver shot in the mist. But that also has it’s charms.

Sunset on Ōmokoroa beach. The tide is right out ad the pink and blue of the evening reflected on it is quite charming, but not as pink as it could have been just a moment earlier.
I think this is my best shot of Ōmokoroa or the ‘”place of the long lizard” but you can’t see the lizard as well as I’d like. It’s pretty obvious with the naked eye, but in a small panoramic shot, maybe not so much.
Ōmokoroa or the 'place of the long lizard' the beach is so pretty in this shot with a high-ish tide.
You can get a slightly better idea of the lizard feel in this shot, because the island in the background is hidden in the mist.
Nothing like a willow for evoking atmosphere, and this one near the beach is doing a very good job, with the little jetty beside it and the slightly stagnant water beneath.
I love Willows, they have a kind of serenity in despair feel. Very moody, and perfect for fae.

The Writing Bit

As for writing, I’m around a quarter to a third of the way through the very rough draft of Blood of the Fae/Brocéliande document, and added a few thousand words. (Plus nearly two thousand more if I count my other projects and blogging.) The truth is, I’ve mostly focused on finishing the prequel to my originally envisioned “Into Brocéliande” But now I’m really looking forward to the project where Pearl and Ruby, the children in this first book, have grown up and discover the world of their parents and grandparents.

I would like to thank Lee Murray and the Wright Family Foundation for this opportunity, I feel I’m really starting to show some progress on what is a difficult stage of any manuscript—for me anyway.


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