Discover Worlds of Adventure

Science and Spies

Step into a world of Mad Science, Spies and Monsters!

Eli and I are also expecting to have a new book up before Christmas, with art by the amazing Imojen Faith Hancock (who drew Quetzee on the front cover of Miss Lionheart and the Laboratory of Death). So keep your eyes peeled for this super-secret and exciting project.

The Frankie Files

Catch the Science Bug with Frankie! (6-11)

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Attack of the Giant Bugs a “You Choose Adventure” book

Come along on a disastrous adventure of a field trip in Attack of the Giant Bugs! (A choose your own adventure 8-12)

Miss Lionheart & the Laboratory of Death

Lilly’s kidnapped into Mr Big’s lair – do you dare follow? (11-16)

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Discover Wizard’s Guide to Wellington is next!

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