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Wizard’s Guide to Wellington

Yes, a Wizard’s Guide to Wellington (or more) is being created on World Anvil. But no, sadly, it’s not ready yet. So in the meantime, please check out the book below! 🙂

Something is wrong, very, very wrong. It’s up to two cousins to rescue Wellington and Wellingtowne.

Alec finds The Wizard’s Guide to Wellingtowne,” lying in the corridor of Wellington Airport. But it doesn’t help answer his questions. Where is his father? Where is Perrin, the mysterious English cousin they were supposed to be meeting? And, most importantly, ‘is this some sort of practical joke?’

Perrin arrives at “Wellingtowne Airport” only to discover, Ike, her cantankerous wizarding guide had disappeared. She has been warned abut the dangerous city of “Wellingtowne,” but when she sets out to find her missing uncle she has no idea just how dangerous it is going to get.

“…fun to follow and full of surprises. My (unpointy) hat is off to A.J. Ponder. Now where’s my broom….?”

Dame Fiona Kidman

I hope you enjoyed the preview. And for Wellingtonians – Wizard’s Guide to Wellington is also available at Children’s Bookshop, Arty Bees & Rona Gallery. And if you’re out and about in Wellington say hi to Matt of Arty Bee books, or Ruth of Children’s Bookshop and their awesome teams. 🙂

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