Awesome August Fantasy and Science Fiction Promotions

Yes, this August I’ve collected together seven awesome science fiction and fantasy promotions in one spot again, just so you don’t miss out. 🙂 With free books, books by the wonderful authors of IFA, and even a book I almost never special—because it’s great for kids in lockdown (or kids going back to school)—there’s something for everyone.

Let’s start with Indie Fantasy Fanatics, where there are some exceptional authors who’ve teamed up to offer you a wonderful selection of: first books in a new series, box sets, 99c deals, or Kindle Unlimited reads, all in your favorite fantasy genres!

Dragon being petted by a girl who would be the most pleasing snack size. 
Lovely, almost alien blue atmosphere.
Awesome August Fantasy 99c and KU Deals

Moving on, we have Kindle Unlimited deals. And yes, if you’re not a big fan of Amazon, I’m about to move my trilogy off the platform. Go wide. So that’s going to be scary, but in the meantime…

A yellow dragon flying in front of a lake or inlet landscape...."Travel to Fantasy Worlds"
Traveling to fantasy worlds seems like a good idea right now. Being in lockdown means there’s very few other places to go.
Mythical August is written in fancy writing above  with "World Mythology in Kindle Unlimited" below.
The picture is a magical book on purple, sparkly grass.

Awesome August Fantasy and Sci Fi Giveaways

And finally, the free section. This is where you can find you can discover your next favourite authors. Often, like my story, the work is shorter than usual, or attached to a larger series, but it gives a nice taste of an author’s writing before jumping in boots and all.

High Summer - fantasy and Sci Fi Giveaways - "Grab a new Read for FREE and enjoy!"
Lady wielding a sword and standing in front of a fallen tree. It's a cool tree with amazing bark.
Aliens staring out at you from a weird alienscape with a moon or planet in the distance. 
Very black and white - except for the sick yellow-green title proclaiming "Free Sci Fi and Fantasy Tales"

I hope you found some great reads in this collection of awesome August fantasy and science fiction reads. And keep in mind, it’s always a great time to join my newsletter so you don’t miss out on my writing, promotions like these..and pick up a free copy of The Secret Child!


And my books on special below (99c August 22 -28)

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