Dream City leads to RPG course

To discover how Dream City, a city powered by dreams, leads to an RPG course read on…

When I joined World Anvil, the lure was to have all my world building in one place. But one of the really fun things has been getting to know some of the people, and joining in on the competitions. Alright, I’ve only managed to finish one, and that was the World building Summer Camp where I managed to do the minimum number of articles. Yay!

But, despite me not knowing what I was doing, one of them actually won a prize as it tickled the fancy of M Gatta of World Anvil who sponsored the prompt to design: “An industrial, mining, logging or other production settlement.” Admittedly, it wasn’t the first choice – but win by default was still exciting for my Dream City article.

And what I won was an RPG (role playing game) design course by The Storytelling Collective. The course has been a real whirlwind. Some of it’s been easy, because it’s writing, editing and design – all things I’ve done before (however badly!). And some of it’s hard, because I don’t really know the RPG rules well enough – but Michael’s been helping – and we’re doing a rescue your fellow villagers from slavers one shot adventure in the world of The Sylvalla Chronicles.

So, I’d like to thank M Gatta of World Anvil for the opportunity, and hope like heck we can get the module out before the deadline. In the meantime, I’ve got to get to work. Deadlines are looming!

Happy reading. 🙂


For more about The Sylvalla Chronicles or my World Anvil go to: Discover Worlds of Adventure Post 🙂

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