January ebook and audiobook promotions

It’s summer (or maybe winter) and far too hot (or too cold) to do anything other than find somewhere comfortable and crack out some great books. With this round up of January ebook and audiobooks, you’ll find all the reading you could possibly need. I’ve separated the promotions under three headings, Science Fiction and Fantasy, Paranormal and Urban Fantasy and Audiobooks…in that order. So happy reading, and happy listening, have a browse and discover your next favourite author.

Also check out the cool prizes on the Young Adult Fantasy promotion – the one with the dragonshifters Zeph and Dante flying on the front. 🙂

Science Fiction and Fantasy

You know you can’t miss this giveaway (that means free). All the best authors are in Portal to Fantasy-so discover your next favourite author now. 🙂

Go in the draw to win an Amazon Gift Card and two paperbacks —Snow and Red, Dragon Shifters Hoard, book 1,  & Scarlet Princess by USA Today bestselling authors. Dive in and have fun!

Paranormal and Urban Fantasy

Audiobook promotions. You can even discover how to get free audiobooks to review. 🙂

Fantasy and Sci fi Listens for the holidays and New Year
Headphones with text "Free Audiobooks for review!"
Have you ever thought about reviewing audiobooks? Authors love reviews so much, that they’re happy to give away books for free. Click on the link and find out how not to get your hands on free audiobooks today.

My latest books (with Eileen Mueller)

That’s all folks – all the January ebook and audiobook promotions for now. But if you come back later in the month, there will be more. See you then, or check out some of my other books.

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A.J. PS closed promotions below! 🙂

Edit: Now Closed. Last chance for this one. Yes, it seems the month of magic, isn’t December or January, but a weird amalgam. Some fun books here. I especially liked the look of “Doorway to Nowhere”

Woman lying on a couch with a tawny owl landing on her hand. The theme is Christmas with candles in the fire and brightly coloured lights on a Christmas Tree. The words say: Fantasy, YA, And Scifi stories giveaway. December to Remember-month of magic.

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