Quest Audiobook—Out Now

Sometimes you don’t have time to read your favourite book, but you can listen to it. And with Benjamin Fife’s narration, the characters to Quest come to life.*

Cheer for Princess Sylvalla as she escapes the confines of Avondale castle and discovers a world of fantasy, adventure and danger.

Follow Jonathan Goodfellow as he rejects a life of wizardry in search of his fortune—the fortune he lost when he lost his wagon and everything in it. Well, he didn’t lose the wagon, exactly, it was stolen. Stolen by Dothie, an evil wizard who has plans to get a fortune of his own.

Boo the evil wizard as he creates chaos wherever he goes, and then attempts to kidnap the princess Sylvalla—which is ironic because the princess is accidentally taking on a spot of kidnapping herself…

*The only problem is you’ll miss out on the footnotes. But if you’re not a footnote fan, that has to be a definite advantage of the audio book. 🙂

Shortlisted for the Sir Julius Vogel award. To find out more about Quest click here or discover the whole series now.

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