A Sweet Surprise

It’s exciting to be able to announce the winner of one of the promotions for January.

Snow and Red Hardback winner with lots of sweets and a picture of the cover of Snow and Red. 
The winner is being announced in a big starry splatch.

But before I announce the winner, here’s the scene where the candy played a pivotal role!

“Wow, there’s the lake. It’s just as pretty as you said.” She pointed down the hillside to a tiny pool of glimmering turquoise-blue nestled between the pine trees above the large lake. She smiled at him expectantly, drawing his gaze to her mouth.

He swallowed. “That’s my special little lake. I’ll take you down there later.”

Snow grabbed her water bottle and took a swig. “It looks like it’s miles away. It’ll take all day, to get there and back won’t it?” The sunlight played across her blonde hair. “How will we get back to the car park before dark?”

Zeph swept his arm across the landscape. “We’re walking in a giant circle so it won’t take long.” He gestured at her day pack. “What have you got in there? Those lumpy bits don’t look that comfy to carry.”

Snow gave him a cheeky grin. “Nothing much.”

He nudged her with his elbow. Any excuse to touch her. “Go on.”

“A surprise. I figured if you wanted to show me your favorite place in the world, I could surprise you too.”

“A surprise? Really?”

“Really. I have another one, too.” Snow pulled a gold package from her backpack. “How would you like a kiss?”

Zeph was so startled, a gust of wind tore from his fingers and whipped around them, flinging her hair across her face. “Ah, sorry. Sure, I’d love one.” He brushed the hair back from her cheek, gazing at her soft lips.

Snow grinned and pulled a little chocolate from the gold packet. “Here, Hershey’s Kisses—one of my favorite chocolates. Open wide,” she said, looking like the most gorgeous dentist he’d ever seen. She unwrapped the tiny chocolate and popped it into his mouth.

So, she wanted to toy with him. He didn’t mind at all. “Kisses are my favorite too.” Zeph reached into the package, plucked out a chocolate and unwrapped the crinkly gold paper. “Your turn to open wide. It’s my turn to give you a kiss.”

He couldn’t help staring as her pretty pink lips opened. Restless energy battered against Zeph’s chest, trying to hammer its way out. The leaves stirred at his feet. Phew, he was already a sucker for her. She could probably wind him around her little finger and spit him out. By the draki gods, his hands were shaking. He placed the chocolate on the tip of her tongue, grazing her lips with his fingers.

Pink rushed into her cheeks and her cool energy danced around him.

It took every ounce of willpower not to take her face in his hands and kiss her until sunset.

And the winner is Ashley Lynn Clark
So there’s a sweet surprise I’m sure Ashley will enjoy. 🙂
Happy Reading
A.J. Ponder

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