February ebook and audiobook promotions

February ebook promotions here with audiobook promotions, including 99c Quest at the end and free science fiction and fantasy and a place where you can to enter to win a $250 Amazon gift card. So keep your eyes peeled 🙂

Wow, it’s hot here. The cicadas are out in force, but in other parts of the world friends have snow piled up around the back door. Either way, it’s perfect reading weather. (Hey, for us bibliophiles it’s always perfect reading weather!) So lets look for some books. It’s a bit of an eclectic bunch this month…

First up in February ebook and audiobook promotions has to be this one celebrating fantasy and adventure and fairy tales—because it’s so pretty and it’s fantasy adventure and fairy tales. 🙂 Audiobooks is at the end.

Red riding hood with an axe!
She's turning back to look at you! :) 
"Fantasy, Adventure, and Fairy Tales"
Look out for Snow and Red – only 99c! 🙂
Woman looking out over a castle built on a tiny floating island. She's standing on a ledge and wearing a large muslin drape that's flowing back in the wind. 
"Wide World of Fantasy" 
The background is a sun is setting over a misty forest.
For those of us who want to support some of the alternative ebook stores

Bit of Science Fiction and Fantasy

As noted on the side, this is for free stories
Even though this is a sale – there’s at least one FREE book hidden in it—Lisa Blackwood’s Dawn of the Sorceress 🙂


"The Sound of Stories"
Bit of an oops on my part – this wide promotion has had some pretty steamy covers added since I joined
OTOH there’s a $250 Amazon gift card giveaway attached! 🙂
Quest audiobook cover with young lady fighting a dragon - narrated by Benjamin Fife 99c on Chirp
Castle in the background.

And that’s it.

Thanks for checking out the books and I hope you found something you’ll enjoy. 🙂
Of course I’d love you to check out my Sylvalla Chronicles series. There’s a free prequel short story, The Secret Child, and a free bookplate, too. Click on the bookplate and you’ll go to the print quality PDF 🙂

Have fun reading

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