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Public domain picture of Louis de Bourbon, Prince de Condé, was the premier prince du sang during his lifetime (painted by Joost van Egmont).

As an author I love to find just the right name for my main characters. Names with meaning, even if it’s just meaning for me. Sylvalla (Of The Sylvalla Chronicles) was a nod to Valhalla and Sylvan (the strength of trees). Dirk, a small, quick, deadly blade. For my latest book, i wanted a name for a beautiful fae male, possibly a prince, and took to the internet.

Well, when it comes to princes, apparently Disney names are popular. But they’re not really what I was looking for. And then there’s the tragic Greek heroes. My favorite was “Zephyr”  Greek god of the west wind. But apart from the fact that nobody wants a fickle prince, I’ve used Zephyr as a character’s name more than once—so it was definitely off the table.

Instead, I’ve decided to go for Alstan, which is a middle English name. A coalescence of several ‘stone’ names: Æ{dh}elstan ‘noble stone’, Ælfstan ‘elf stone’, Ealdstan ‘old stone’, or Ealhstan ‘altar stone’.

I love the meaning/s, and I think they’ll work well with the story. But I’m still not sure about the resonance of ‘Alstan.’ Maybe it will grow on me, but in the meantime I’m still open to ideas.

Florian? Hyacinth? Zephyr? Alstan? If you have a favourite name that you wouldn’t mind me using for a handsome fae—possibly even a fae prince—l’d love to know all about it. 🙂

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