May Madness ebooks

It’s May and the weather is changing. I’m heading into winter, while it’s almost certain you’re heading into Spring, but in either case, with May Madness, ebooks are definitely in the air. Whether you’re looking for free books, wide books, kindle unlimited books (KU), there’s something for fantasy lovers, and even a few great sci fi surprises.

This first one is especially for Kindle Unlimited people. Also, I like the picture, Little Red looks like she’s going to be a match for the the wolf, or any bad guy who stand in her way. the promo itself is full of fairy tale retellings and epic fantasy.

Little Red Riding Hood hugging an axe.
She either has a robot hand or a gauntlet. And in any case her eerily white eye is pretty freaky. 
"Unlimited Fantasy"

This next promotion is free books. Well, nothing in this world is free, but it won’t cost you any money and it’s a great way to discover new authors. 🙂 It’s an eclectic bunch of quirkiness with a little sci-fi thrown in. I personally like the look of “The Void” and the two books with “Secret” in the title! (And no, one of them’s not mine)

Marble is popular - this book promo banner has "Worlds of Fantasy" in white on a semi-transparent blue ribbon over what looks like a marble cliff face. May ebooks

And here come the big fish.

Beyond Imagination has some great sci fi and epic books to check out.

"Beyond Imagination Collection" on a marble background.
And "infinit" which is a teaser for one of the books in this book promotion.
Woman walking into a sunset surrounded by rocky cliffs. 
"Age of Fantasy" May ebooks


P.S. Prophecy audiobook is coming soon…so keep your eyes peeled…and you your ears, too! Listen to the teaser below! Or see my latest blogpost about the Fictional Pigeonhole here.

Audio available wide here or click on the cover.

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