What I’m Reading and the IFA Fantasy Reading Challenge

Okay, what is the Summer IFA Reading Challenge?

It’s a way to discover great fantasy books, hang out with people who love fantasy and win prizes. As well as friendly challenge to read as many independently written fantasy books as possible over the Northern Hemisphere’s Summer and tell everyone about the books. There are prize draws for those who read a few books, medium-paced readers and for those who read hundreds!

To join:

  1. Join the IFA – Indie Fantasy Addicts Facebook group
  2. Sign up to the reader form
  3. Sign up to this team sheet and choose a team (links in the form) I’m in Dragon Tamers because epic, sword and sorcery and humor are my jam.
  4. Then hang out, read, and post reviews in the IFA group. You’ll go in the draw for prizes and hang out with some fantastic fantasy authors and fans.

So to this end I’m starting by reading Aaron Hodges, Help my Wizard Mentor had a Heart Attack and now I’m being Chased by a Horde of Giant Spiders, and the much more succinctly named, Scythe.

Help my Wizard Mentor had a Heart Attack and now I’m being Chased by a Horde of Giant Spiders

So far I’m loving this book, it’s hilarious. Well worth reading. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s played D&D like games and anyone who hasn’t. I love the way the protagonist has been dropped into a world he does not know the rules for, and does everything horribly, horribly wrong. Stumbling from one disaster to the next, our hero is clueless, all while his PQA (personal quest assistant) always, somehow, seems to make things worse.
The blurb:
Patrik Conroy has just been dragged through a portal to another universe. Apparently, some wizard thinks he’s destined to save the world. There’s just one problem. He’s a community college student in his fifth year of a three year degree. And he has no idea what he’s doing.

Book Cover with man in wizard robes and modern hat being chased by a slavering spider! Title: Help my Wizard Mentor had a Heart Attack and now I'm being Chased by a Horde of Giant Spider. New  York bestselling author Aaron Hodges.


A skeleton with wings holding  dagger - in sepia colours. 
Title: Scythe
"No one escapes the legions" by Mercy Hollow

I’ve just started this one, and it’s highly reminiscent of Gideon the Ninth. But also, not at all. It’s got that grimdark gothic horror, contemporary humour feel. Definitely happy t have picked up a copy of this one. Will tell you how it goes. 🙂

The blurb: When loner motorcycle mechanic Sly Morgan lands in Chicago and assumes a false identity, he believes he can finally let his guard down. Finally stop running.

But no one escapes the Legions.

Happy reading. And if you’re looking for more great books keep an eye out for my next post. June Events & Ebook and Audiobook Promotions as well as my book review updates during this fun reading challenge!


P.S. What are you reading right now?

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