June ebook and audio promotions!

So many great books here. And a link to my page on the indie fantasy addicts reading challenge (I think you can start late-sorry, this post was written early but I was too sick to push send!) . It’s easy, click on the pictures to take you to fantasy adventures gallore…

Free Books Fantasy Fest is hiding just below the humorous fantasy bundle! And audio promotions just below the Indie Addicts Phoenix

Get your reading on with Sword and Sorcery, Free Books Fantasy Fest

Sword and Sorcery a scarred warrior holding a et of candles and sneaking into a basement in chain mail armour and a sword on his back, 
fantasy book promotion
Dragon roaring fire - with rider on its back. Fantasy Fest - Dragons, Fantasy Riders and Epic Adventures
Humorous Fantasy Story Bundle Set the Price Get the Bundle. "Snort-worthy fiction from award-winning authors" 
With lots of book covers, swords, dragons, princesses fighting dragons, warriors, skeletons, Mythology 101...

Two FREE promotions below

A dragon-winged demon has jumped down from his throne and is running toward you! Quick!
Free Books Fantasy Fest June 1-30
Get your "High, Epic, Sword and Sorcery and Contemporary Fantasy" now!

Now you have everything you need to start your Summer/Winter reading challenge. Unless you want to read all the audiobooks…in which case keep scrolling.


Listen to Fantasy Audiobooks with a background of a a darkened castle or village in a  fairytale-blue night sky, with mountains in the distance, and glowing stars shining down on the gathering mist.
Fantasy Audiobooks: Eneter Other Worlds. A canyon with earbuds and a headset dangling from you, the listener.
A.J. Ponder's Audiobooks.sylvalla facing :
A dragon
A nameless evil from the depths
A Chaos Butterfly-and looking out over a ravaged city.

I hope you’ve discovered some amazing books, and are all ready to get reading. If you’re looking for something humorous, check out my Humorous Fantasy StoryBundle or my Sylvalla Chronicles series posts


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