My World Anvil Summer Camp So Far

So far, my World Anvil Summer Camp has been remarkably unsummery, which is no surprise, because I’m on the other side of the world, and it’s winter! So, I’ve been shivering in the cold and dreaming of warmer landscapes.

It’d be nice if it wasn’t raining for a day or two! But what better to do when it’s raining outside than to kick start a little writing creativity and dive into worlds of fantasy, fairy tale and mythology, which is what FaerLand is all about.

A barren rocky landscape with desolate hills in the distance.
The Deadlands

In the meantime, World Anvil Summer camp is helping with the old creativity. So I’ve linked to Summer camp itself, in case you’re feeling all creative and want to join in.

Riverstone Rescue — 5e
Fancy silver bound textured blue book cover with a silver sword :)

Last year one of my posts led to an RPG course, where I made the one shot adventure opposite. You can read about it on my website here, or go to the world anvil page where the winning article was posted.

A castle on a floating island with birds flying by

This year, to get silver, I’ve been told the trick is to quickly create articles, and not worry too much, just use the prompts to develop fresh world-building ideas. Some of which will be useless, but some may be transformational 🙂

So, I had a lot of fun with this one—creating worms that eat bone (and flesh) and live in the DeadLands, but are called fish because of the way they jump in little fish-like swarms out of cracks in the petrified earth.

Yes, they’re pretty deadly! As anything that lives in such a hostile landscape would need to be if it’s looking to eat extra protein!

It’s possible to start your own world and join up here. Also, feel free to drop by and comment on any of my Summer Challenge Posts. Great ideas are also welcome! Especially if they are fairy tale inspired 🙂

Have fun reading


P.S Click here to discover more about The Sylvalla Chronicles and pick up a cute bookplate featuring Mr Goodfelllow Senior (at the bottom of the page)

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