New Cover Reveal Coming Soon

Alright, it’s always an exciting moment when an author is about to reveal the cover of their latest creation.

You can hear the anticipation like a pin drop…

What’s it about? It’s a fairy-tale take, so it’s a portal fantasy, taking you into worlds parallel to our own.

Are there fae? YES!

Is it a kissing book? Not really, no.

Are there dragons? In the next book!

Yay! It’s going to be a series? YES!

What’s the tagline? I’ll tell you tomorrow. Stand by and find out more.

Will you be doing that whole thing you do? Definitely! You’ll be able to tell this is one of my books. So, if you enjoy my other epic adventures, I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy this one.

Stand by!

Cover reveal teaser of the prequel of Blood of the Fae: Into FaerLand
From the torn packaging you can see a red rose with a blade through it.
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In the meantime, check out some of my other books: The Dragon Shifters Hoard if you’re looking for something with dragon-shifting adventure and some fun romance, and The Sylvalla Chronicles if you’re looking for epic adventure with a humour that’s been described as similar to Terry Pratchett and Pythonesque!

Have fun reading!


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