Blood of the Fae Series Into FaerLand Cover Reveal

And now, it’s time to reveal the cover of my precious. It’s been a long road through deep forests, and past dangerous magics and even more dangerous magical creatures to discover this first story of the Blood of the Fae series.

“We never steal children. We only swap them. An eye for an eye, a child for a child.”

Aiden is sent into demon territory to bring the Sword Master into New Avalon. The mission doesn’t go entirely to plan, and Aiden falls dangerously in love with the Swordsmaster, Keera. She’s pretty as a fae, and a strong, graceful fighter. With every movement she makes, he falls harder. Keera and Aiden both ignore the warnings, marry, and have two beautiful daughters.

Meanwhile, Keera’s swords, forged with cold iron, and adorned with silver and gold, have angered the fae—and most especially King Hades and Persephone who rule FaerLand.

Book cover reveal. Sword through a rose, with a deep forest background. 
"Blood of the Fae ... Into FaerLand"
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Determined to pay the humans back, Queen Persephone orders two fae underlings, Lettie and Zadie to switch their changelings for Keera and Aiden’s children. Lettie’s heart breaks as Zadie tears her beloved changeling from her hands and replaces her with a snotty human child. Now, the one person she loved in all the world is gone, she will do anything to bring Nada back…

…including killing Keera and Aiden to end the fairy bargain.

Coming 29 September!

Have fun reading!


P.S. I hope you enjoyed this Blood of the Fae cover reveal. Now snag yourself a copy, quick, while it’s still 99c

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