Into FaerLand: The final countdown…and once more I’m thinking of the song…

“We’re leaving together, but still we stand strong…

Wait a minute? You’re telling me those aren’t the words?

Never mind, I always get things wrong. But what I haven’t got wrong is that we’re in the last couple of days before the final countdown ends and Into FaerLand, book one of Blood of the Fae is released.

Two more days until the book is released and yes, there will be an online party to celebrate.

So, hurry, check out the preview and grab your 99c pre-order special. And get ready for the party at

A red dragon to the right, its wings not quite stretched, walking through a dense leafy forest. "Into FaerLand" book cover to the left

Have fun reading and partying with fae and dragon riders
A.J. Ponder

P.S. See the sneak preview for Into FaerLand here.

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