Omens Audiobook New Release

Listen to the audio sample of Omens below, and find out where to pick up your copy of this amazing new release narrated by the inimical Benjamin Fife, today.

Omens Audio Sample Narrated by Benjamin Fife

“I’ve seen a thousand futures, a million deaths. Avondale will fall.”

Sylvalla would rather fight dragons than deal with politics. But as the unexpected queen of two kingdoms, her newfound power is making the neighbouring kings nervous. One by one, the kings fall for Sir Arrant’s offers of power and the beguiling butterfly jewels he offers in exchange for their alliance.

Determined to save her kingdom, Sylvalla is willing to try anything, including diplomacy. Only there is little time, and her dying mother, Tishke, has an important warning, “The demons are here. They have your brother.”

Omens Audio Book Narrated by Benjamin Fife with an image of a young woman wielding a sword and facing a chaos butterfly hovering over a burning city, with purple mountains and an epic sunrise in the distance,

They call her Witch Queen.
They say she will destroy the Seven Kingdoms.
They say she will destroy magic

Only one of those things is true.

Meanwhile, back in Bairnsley University, the wizard Jonathan and his father discover the evil Dothie has freed the Nameless Gods—gods that are determined to destroy the one person that stands in their way… 


With the Seven Kingdoms turned against her, can Sylvalla save Avondale? Can she save her people, her brother, or even herself, from the demons who would possess them all?

Listen now on:

Omens Audio Sample Narrated by Benjamin Fife

(More links coming soon-especially Apple, Amazon and Audible, which hilariously are not only the biggest sites, but the slowest to get their acts together. Also please note the $5 new release offer is only available for a limited time,. so get in quick )

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