Movember – Quest for the ‘Stache

November is now Movember, men’s health month. It’s great to support initiatives like Move for Movember and all the crazy mustache growing for men’s charities. Which is why Indie Fantasy Addicts decided this month was crazy mustache month.

There are some great books and some clever twists on the mustache theme. And just for fun I joined in.

I had quite a bit of fun with the cover to quest. One teacher even said his class would’ve preferred this cover. And I can see why. It’s insane, and I think it shows off the crazy that’s inside the book. (Even though the insanity has little to do with mustaches, and more to do with scenery chewing!)

I also love the castle mustache which, as I mentioned in the comments, that it looks like it’s about to protest in a very British way… “I say! How very dare you!”

So, anyway, feel free to check out some of the other covers at or the #IFAMovember hashtag.

And you can find out more about the actual book Quest, here on my website. It’s available wide and through Amazon. And in audio. The whole series should now be live on your favourite platform or audio library.

Am aff link

Happy reading

P.S. I’ve done a picture for Eileen’s Anikisha’s Mustachioed Dragon! It should be up on Indie Fantasy Addicts soon. 🙂

Am aff link

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